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Peach Out Power Yoga
3162 Johnson Ferry Rd 440
MariettaGA 30062
 (470) 299-5256
Peace Out to the old, Peach Out to something sweeter!Contact us to start your Peach Out journey today!
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Peace Out to the old, Peach Out to something sweeter! Peach Out Power Yoga provides an inviting space where every practitioner can fulfill their yoga cup. While classified as a "power yoga studio," there is no one view or style that predominates. We offer a plethora of classes to suit your needs. From heated vinyasa classes for advanced yogis to unheated beginner classes, we're a space that accommodates all students. Above all else, our studio is a place where all can have fun and, of course, feel right at OM. Contact us today to learn more, and we will see you in class soon!

Peace Out to the old,
Peach Out to something sweeter!

Our studio owner and leader, Karen, is a fearless woman. After years of finding her practice, she bit the bullet and signed up for teacher training. Upon her completion of training, she saw a need for an inviting and welcoming studio in Marietta, GA. By making Peach Out Power Yoga accessible to all, it has transformed into a place where everyone can find their practice. We practice yoga that is safe, fun, and enjoyable. 

Class Schedule

Our Classes Include:

  • Hot Power: Our hot power/vinyasa flow classes are challenging and powerful and will teach you to move with your breath. You will find a combination of sun salutations, deep opening postures, strong standing poses, and challenging arm balances. This class is designed for experienced yogis; however, all walks of life are absolutely welcome! Don't run for the hills if you are newer to yoga, just remember to take breaks and pace yourself. However, we do recommend you take a non-heated, warm, or Basics class first. And bring your water because you WILL sweat! The temperature is set at 90-93 degrees, 40 percent humidity.  
  • Warm Power: Warm power classes are equally as challenging as Hot Power but at a slightly lower base temperature. You will still move, flow, smile, and sweat as the thermostat is 80-83 degrees with 40 percent humidity.
  • Slow Burn: This is a slower moving power vinyasa flow class that builds heat and strength through longer held poses. Additional time gives you the space to move deeper into poses and promotes endurance and flexibility. Get ready to feel the burn! Warm, 80-83 degrees. 
  • Basics: These classes are perfect for those newer to yoga. It helps new yogis build a foundation for their new yoga practice. The focus will be on modifications, use of props, and step-by-step verbal descriptions and demonstrations. You will no doubt leave with new yoga knowledge and skills! Non-heated. 
  • Slow Flow: A gentle vinyasa flow focusing on fluid movement and steady pace and breath. The pace of this flow will allow you space to enjoy each pose, followed by time to stretch before the next pose. You will feel relaxed and renewed with this mindful moving. This class is great for both beginners and experienced yogis looking to slow down their bodies and minds. Non-heated. 
  • Yin: This form of yoga targets deep connective tissues in the body. It's a passive approach, where most poses are in seated or lying positions. Yin yoga poses last anywhere from three to five minutes. Students from every level are encouraged to participate. Non-heated. 
  • Yogalates: Movements in this class are designed to improve the lymphatic system of the body. It has you flowing through calisthenics, yoga, and Pilates moves in a non-heated room.
  • Hot Power & Abs: This class incorporates a killer 10-15 minute core workout, followed by a strong vinyasa flow. The class is challenging and hot, so be ready to sweat and engage your core! Heated, 90-93 degrees. 
  • Yoga Sculpt & Flow: A high-intensity class that incorporates weights, resistance bands, and cardio bursts into a traditional yoga flow to give you a maximum calorie burn. Get your heart pumping and your blood flowing with this high energy class! Warm, 80-83 degrees. 

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Sign up for one of our classes today by clicking here or by calling (470) 299-5256! We are at 3162 Johnson Ferry Rd. in Marietta, GA.

* Our phone is on silent during business hours so that classes are undisturbed. If your call isn't picked up, simply leave a voicemail, and we'll be happy to get back to you!

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